Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands is the third-largest archipelago in the South Pacific. It covers an area of about 1.35 million square kilometers of sea. The six major islands form part of a scattered double chain of 922 islands, atolls and cays, which vary from large, rugged, heavily wooded and mountainous islands to low-lying coral atolls. 

The Solomon Islands are located north east of Australia between 5 and 12 degrees south of the equator. 


Tropically warm and humid with coastal day temperatures averaging 28° Celsius (80° Fahrenheit).  April to November tends to be drier and November to April wetter.  Bring plenty of sun block.


Malaria can be a problem in the Solomon Islands.  It is recommended that you visit your doctor 2 weeks prior to traveling to the region about an appropriate brand of anti-malaria medication and any other vaccinations which may be required.

What to Wear

Light and casual.  Keep brief beachwear for the beaches.  Pack a light sweater for the cooler evenings.


You will be traveling well off the beaten track.  Travel insurance is highly recommended.


Solomon Islands are renowned for their beautiful traditional carvings and handicrafts.  These can be purchased from a wide range of places including the central market.  Generally the prices are set however, if you purchase from the carver, you can barter. 
Solomon Island law forbids unauthorized export of war relics retrieved from land sites or sunken wrecks.  Consult the National Museum of the Solomon Islands for advice.  


There are taxi and bus services in Honiara.  Rental cars are available through Budget.